noun /ˈwərd.smɪθ/
a person skilled in using words, especially in writing

the wordsmith offers typographically aesthetic solutions for print products through visual and linguistic design.

designer who edits // editor who designs
Johanna Guenther is an art director, editor, translator and language teacher from Innsbruck, Austria. She studied English & American Studies and Comparative Literature, after which she worked as a managing editor in a publishing company for five years. She also completed the two-year course “tgm Jahreskurs Typografie Intensiv 10, 2013–2015” in Munich to refine her layout and typography skills. This intense course offered her in-depth knowledge of type and design, which is also incorporated in her work.
the wordsmith grew up in the US and is therefore fluent in both English and German. She can take on work in both languages as well as translate from one language to the other.

the wordsmith is a member of WEI SRAUM and tgm, the typographic societies of Innsbruck and Munich, respectively.